Urban planners are working toward creating ‘complete neighbourhoods’ by making sure communities have a mix of housing, shopping, parks, safe cycling lanes and corridors, and bus routes to work locations.
Visit your city, municipal or regional district website or office to find out about current and future guidelines for designing your community, and for opportunities to tell local planners about your ideas and priorities for your neighbourhood.

Find out more about what makes a neighbourhood healthy

  • Ask for connected pathways, sidewalks, cycling lanes, bus services, and support mixed use/higher density zoning.


  • Ask for more trees and plants along streets, and increase the number of parks and garden spaces.

  • Ask about your community plans for adapting to climate change and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Ask about plans to phase out wood burning fireplaces and backyard burning of branches if this is allowed in your municipality.

  • Ask for development setbacks near busy roads and support cycling lanes and vehicle restricted areas to reduce transportation pollution.