The way cities and suburbs are designed has a big impact on how much greenhouse gases are emitted, but did you know urban design also impacts the temperature and air quality in your neighbourhood?

  • When more people walk, cycle, take the bus and car pool, greenhouse emissions go down.

  • Trees, parks, lakes and other water bodies have a cooling affect on local temperature. Trees provide shade and public swimming areas help people stay cool during heat waves.

  • When cities are designed to make it easy for cars and trucks to get around, there are a lot of paved areas that make it even hotter, and more greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The transportation sector is responsible for almost 25% of the annual greenhouse gases produced in Canada. Passenger cars and trucks produce almost 50% of the transportation sector emissions. If we walk, cycle, or take public transportation instead of driving, greenhouse gas emissions will go down, and air pollution will get better.