Community Planning 101

Canada’s cities and towns are constantly growing and changing. You can see how the city of Calgary has expanded northward over the past thirty years in these satellite images.

Canada has more than 7,500 professional planners who work to make their communities healthy and sustainable by balancing the use of land, resources, facilities, and services with consideration for physical, economic, and social efficiency.

Planners must also consult with, and balance the demands of many different people – local residents, business owners, public health experts and community organizations – when planning new developments or the redevelopment of existing neighbourhoods. While they may seek to create healthy and sustainable communities, they can only do this when the people and elected officials in their communities understand and support their goals and the plans needed to achieve them.

Community Plans lay out what kind of development can happen and where. You can find out about your neighbourhood’s plan by contacting your local Planning Department.