We have partnered with Canada’s largest cohort and health databases, where individual health data are held in highly secure systems to maintain strict confidentiality. Environmental health researchers must apply to each cohort and meet all of their requirements before being allowed to work with the health data within their secure systems.

CANUE does not hold any confidential health data – our focus is on developing ways to measure exposures to pollution, noise, greenness, and more, for every postal code in Canada.

We provide exposure data using postal codes as an index. These data are sent to the cohort and health database managers, where they are linked to health data in the secure system. As a result, CANUE data enrich the cohort studies with new information about the urban environment, benefiting all researchers.

World Imagery –  Source: Esri, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, Earthstar Geographics, CNES/Airbus DS, USDA, USGS, AeroGRID, IGN, and the GIS User Community