Entries by Eleanor Setton

November 25 | 2020

Association of the Built Environment With Childhood Psychosocial Stress.

Meredith Franklin, Xiaozhe Yin, Rob McConnell, Scott Fruin.

November 9 | 2020

Moving to policy-amenable options for built environment research: The role of micro-scale neighborhood environment in promoting walking.
Madeleine Steinmetz-Wood, Ahmed El-Geneidy, Nancy A Ross.

October 26 | 2020

Urban environment during early-life and blood pressure in young children.
Charline Warembourg,Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Ferran Ballester, Montserrat de Castro, Leda Chatzi, Ana Esplugues, Barbara Heude, Léa Maitre, Rosemary McEachan, Oliver Robinson, Rémy Slama, Jordi Sunyer, Jose Urquiza, John Wright, Xavier Basagaña, Martine Vrijheid.

October 14 | 2020

Health and the built environment in United States cities: measuring associations using Google Street View-derived indicators of the built environment.
Jessica M Keralis, Mehran Javanmardi, Sahil Khanna, Pallavi Dwivedi, Dina Huang, Tolga Tasdizen, Quynh C Nguyen.

October 6 | 2020

Methodological Considerations for Epidemiological Studies of Air Pollution and the SARS and COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreaks.
Paul J. Villeneuve and Mark S. Goldberg.

September 22 | 2020

Do physical activity and sedentary time mediate the association of the perceived environment with BMI? The IPEN adult study.
Delfien Van Dyck, Ester Cerin, Muhammad Akram, Terry L Conway, Duncan Macfarlane, Rachel Davey, Olga L Sarmiento, Lars Breum Christiansen, Rodrigo Reis, Josef Mitas, Ines Aguinaga-Ontoso, Deborah Salvo, James F Sallis.

September 9 | 2020

Do investments in low-income neighborhoods produce objective change in health-related neighborhood conditions?

Stephanie Brooks Holliday, Wendy Troxel, Ann Haas, Madhumita Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, Tiffany L Gary-Webb, Rebecca Collins, Robin Beckman, Matthew Baird, Tamara Dubowitz.

August 26 | 2020

Longitudinal impact of changes in the residential built environment on physical activity: findings from the ENABLE London cohort study.

Christelle Clary, Daniel Lewis, Elizabeth Limb, Claire M Nightingale, Bina Ram, Angie S Page, Ashley R Cooper, Anne Ellaway , Billie Giles-Corti, Peter H Whincup, Alicja R Rudnicka, Derek G Cook, Christopher G Owen, Steven Cummins.

August 10 | 2020

Healthcare Service Use for Mood and Anxiety Disorders Following Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Cohort Study of the Role of Neighbourhood Socioenvironmental Characteristics in a Largely Rural Population.

Ismael Foroughi, Neeru Gupta, Dan Lawson Crouse.

August 4 | 2020

Healthy built environment: Spatial patterns and relationships of multiple exposures and deprivation in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Dany Doiron, Eleanor M. Setton, Kerolyn Shairsingh, Michael Brauer, Perry Hystad, Nancy A. Ross, Jeffrey R. Brook.