AGM 2021 Videos

The CANUE Annual General Meeting (AGM) was convened on May 18th, 2021. The organizers delivered a successful event, with over 160 registrants including academic researchers, students, and representatives from the not-for-profit and governmental sectors. A summary report of the AGM is available here. Below are links to videos of panel presentations and discussions.

AGM Opening Remarks: Jeff Brook and Eleanor Setton provide an overview of CANUE to date.

AGM Panel Presentations: Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Esra Suel, Antonio Gomez-Palacio and Cory Neudorf present their top picks for critical needs, opportunities and trends

AGM Pre-meeting Survey Results: Dany Doiron presents an overview of the AGM pre-meeting survey. Find out what our users and followers think we should prioritize for CANUE’s next five years.

AGM Panel Discussion: Mike Brauer, Rae Jewett, Laura Rosella, Scott Weichenthal and Meghan Winters provide their thoughts on key priorities for CANUE going forward.

Air Quality Team: Matthew Cooper describes new satellite-based nitrogen dioxide measures and how COVID lockdowns affected air quality around the world.

Natural Spaces Team: Matilda van den Bosch, Lorien Nesbitt and Paul Villenueve provide an overview of CANUE’s natural space data and related publications.

Neighbourhood Factors Team: Michael Widener and Dan Fuller present data developed for CANUE and related publications.

Noise Team: Audrey Smargiassi describes how noise estimates were developed for key cities.

Transportation Team: Marianne Hatzopoulou presents the data being developed by the Transportation Team.

Weather and Climate Team: Tim Takaro and Jordan Brubacher present activities and analyses conducted for the weather and climate team.

Neighbourhood Factors: Emily Gemmell presents her work on developing a novel measure of playability.

Data Tools: Kyle Fitzsimmons provides an overview of GPS data challenges and the tools developed to help researchers work with GPS data.

Child Team: Victor Ezeugwu presents on neighbouhood influences on children’s movement behaviours.

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